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Guidelines on action to be taken on the Reports of the National Quality Monitors

Guidelines on action to be taken on the Reports of the National Quality Monitors

At DPIU level the following action shall be taken

(unless for reasons to be recorded, it is proposed not to act on any portion of the NQM Report).

  • After the inspections in the district are over and copy of Part-II of reporting format will be handed over by the NQM to the PIU, copies will be sent to the state Quality Coordinator and NRRDA within 10 days after completing inspection. Unless the PIU disagrees with the conclusion/recommendation, rectification work should be ordered immediately by the PIU. In case the head of PIU feels that any portion of the inspection report or the suggested rectification is not appropriate, he shall make a full report to the State Quality Coordinator.
  • The Action Taken Report will be prepared by Executive Engineer/Head of Project Implementing Unit in the prescribed Format and will be sent to the State Quality Coordinator. The State Quality Control Coordinator will mention his remarks and send a copy of Action Taken Statement to NRRDA.
  • The Action taken report submitted should be comprehensive, i.e. merely writing letter to the Contractor or to the subordinate doesn't constitute action taken and should not be treated as ATR.

At SQC level, the following actions shall be taken

  • On receipt of the report of the National Quality Monitors the State Quality Control Coordinator will immediately remind the Project Implementing Unit/Executive Engineer for taking action and reporting on every paragraph of the report. He will also initiate action on the general issues brought out by the National Quality Monitors in his report for remedial action by all concerned.
  • In case there is disagreement with the finding/recommendation in a National Quality Monitors Report, this should be communicated as part of the Action taken Report duly supported by test results/findings of SQM/SQC and sent by the DPIU through the State Quality Coordinator.
  • The SQC will generally compare findings of the SQM and SQC to find if the two are in conformity.
  • The SQC shall prepare and send an Annual Report to NRRDA through the state Nodal Agency in the 1st week of May every year. The report shall contain analysed performance of the SQM, general deficiencies observed/highlighted through NQM/SQM reports and action taken/required to be taken to remedy systematic deficiencies at organisational level in order to improve the Quality of roads and programme performance
  • A monthly return will be sent by SQC to NRRDA enclosing ATR's in proforma E as at Appendix E.

At NRRDA level, the following actions may be taken

  • The NRRDA will after, scrutiny of NQM reports, grade the works as 'satisfactory' or 'unsatisfactory' .All cases where work appears unsatisfactory and all other cases where action is required will be forwarded by the NRRDA to the SQC for taking action and Submitting Action Taken Report.
  • The NRRDA will analyse ATRs received through SQM for their compliance and further follow up if required.
  • NRRDA at periodic intervals shall get the NQM reports as well as the Annual Quality Report analysed through STA or PTA, who shall make recommendations on systematic action to be taken at organizational level to improve Quality of roads and progamme performance in the state.
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