National Rural Infrastructure Development Agency

DG’s Message

DG's Message

Dr. Ashish Kumar Goel
Joint Secretary (RC) & DG, NRIDA

National Rural Infrastructure Development Agency (NRIDA) was registered as a society on 14th January, 2002 under the name ‘National Rural Roads Development Agency’ (NRRDA)with the basic objective of extending technical and management support to the Governmentof India in implementation of Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY). It got its newname NRIDA in May 2017 after inclusion of rural housing activities in its scope of activities.

NRIDA has been instrumental in setting high and uniform technical and management standards and facilitating policy development and planning at Central and State level in order to ensure sustainable management of the rural roads network under PMGSY. Till 21st September, 2021, 1,78,577 habitations have been connected under the Ist Phase of PMGSY with a total road length of 4,08,688 km. of new connectivity besides upgradation of a total of 1,99,906 km. of road length. A further road length of 44,745 km has been upgraded till 21st September, 2021 under IInd Phase of PMGSY.

With the approval of the Union Cabinet, PMGSY-III has now been launched with the primary objective of consolidation of the existing rural road network by upgradation of existing through routes and major rural links that connect habitations to Gramin Agricultural markets, higher secondary schools and hospitals. The role of NRIDA, being the expert agency for providing operational and management support to the PMGSY programme has assumed greater significance in this context.

In this digital age, with increased focus on e-governance, the role played by an organisation’s website hardly needs to be emphasised. A website not only helps in quick dissemination of official information but also facilitates transparency in official matters. In other words, a website could also be regarded as the official mouthpiece of an organization. In this context, I am sure that NRIDA’s new website with its advanced and user friendly features would be useful for the officials as well as the casual visitors. The website is secure and GIGW compliant with advanced search features and a dedicated photo and video gallery bringing you the latest updates on PMGSY related activities.

We will be happy to receive any feedback / suggestions on the design and performance of the website through the customized form designed and placed on the home page for this purpose

Happy browsing.

(Dr. Ashish Kumar Goel)

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